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The prevention of infectious disease is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your pet illness free. Our hospital recommends that all dogs and cats be fully vaccinated each year. Our staff can discuss with you the best options for the health of your pet when you arrive for your pet’s appointment.

Preventive Care

Along with yearly vaccinations, we recommend and provide a wide range of preventive care options such as heartworm prevention, intestinal parasite prevention, and flea and tick control.

Nutritional Counseling

We provide high quality prescription diets to help maintain the health of your pet through all stages of life, as well as prescribing special foods to aid in the control of specific medical conditions and ailments.

Senior Care

Just as with humans, pets need to visit their doctors more frequently as they get older in order to diagnose developing conditions or diseases that affect senior pets. We provide laboratory bloodwork and urine testing to discover underlying problems or diseases that the owner may not be able to detect at home in the early stages. Our doctors can discuss with you what tests they would recommend for your pet after a complete examination.

In-House Diagnostics

Our hospital offers a wide range of laboratory tests, such as heartworm testing, Comprehensive Blood Profile and CBC, urinalysis, intestinal parasite testing, thyroid testing etc. We also can send samples off to separate laboratories for specialized tests, such as biopsy, cytology, and histopathology, among many others.


Our clinic has the capability of using in-clinic radiology to diagnose internal diseases and/or problems to further aid in the proper diagnosis and treatment of your pet.


We now provide diagnostic ultrasounds through our partnership with Oncura Partners ultrasound service. Oncura Partners provides real-time, sonographer-assisted ultrasound solutions for our doctors, and expert disease management consultations from a team of board certified radiologists, cardiologists, and oncologists. To learn more about the Oncura Partners advantage, please watch this video: View Video

Surgery (Laser)

We offer a state-of-the-art surgical atmosphere, including the use of laser surgery, to perform both elective surgeries (such as spays, neuters, and feline declaws), as well as more extensive procedures (such as obstructions, bladder stone removal, etc).

Dental Care

Our clinic recommends and provides teeth cleaning to remove tartar, keep gums healthy, and prevent tooth loss. Cleaning your pet’s teeth on a regular basis will also prevent severe gum infection which can lead to systemic infections that can affect organs such as the kidneys, liver and heart. We also carry many products that can be used at home to help maintain your pet’s oral health.


Our hospital performs microchip implantation using the HomeAgain™ microchip identification system, which can help get your lost pet returned to you.

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